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The price for translation production, eventually, depends on parameters of a text or oral speech being translated and definite pair of languages. Thus, translation of standard documents presents a standard procedure, and most part of its costs presents a kind of fee for certifying the authenticity of translation and its fidelity to the original by a juror translator . The price for translation from/into exotic, rare or particulary difficult languages is defined by this very distinctive feature. The area of translation and the degree of translator`s responsibility are criteria of a majority of written work. For instance, there is no need to prove particular difflculty and labour intensity of law and medical translation production. In technical translations the price is influenced among other factors by the volume of page proofs.

One standard page contains 1800 symbols, including space. A standard page of Chinese contains 330 symbols, Japanese - 650 symbols.

Translation of document which contains one page starting at 20 EUR
Prices on urgent translations and specialized texts – on request
Apostille translation starting at under 10 EUR
Certification - 10 EUR
Document delivery – 5 EUR
Discount for large text translation:
50 pages and more – 5 %
100 pages and more - 7 %
300 pages and more – 10 %
Taxes are not included in the cost of services
You may contact us directly to confirm our rates for your particular translation project.